Modernizing a Campus Network

The Old Network Over the past year I’ve been tasked with figuring out how to upgrade our campus wired infrastructure. We were running on EoL hardware that was configured using an even older three-tier switching design which consisted of a core layer where all routing and campus switching happened, a distribution layer within each buildingContinue reading “Modernizing a Campus Network”

Setting up a DHCP Relay in NSX-T 3.0

In this tutorial I’m going to show you step by step how to use the DHCP relay function in NSX-T 3.0. We’ll be setting up a DHCP enabled segment that is assigned addresses by an external DHCP server. Setting up a DHCP relay profile The first step is to create a DHCP server profile toContinue reading “Setting up a DHCP Relay in NSX-T 3.0”

Mixing Live Audio From Home

Like so many other churches, mine decided to go all in on live streaming our services via Facebook Live during the COVID-19 lock downs. We usually stream audio only, and it’s a rough post-fader send from our front of house mixer due to a lack of resources available to do a dedicated broadcast mix. However,Continue reading “Mixing Live Audio From Home”