I’ve been fascinated by technology from a young age. I liked taking things apart to see how they worked as a kid. David Macaulay’s “The Way Things Work” probably had something to do with that! I got my first computer when I was in 5th grade. I’ve been hooked on computers since. I learned to write code in high school and went on to study computer science in college. Math wasn’t my thing though, so I ended up with a degree in Information Systems Technology from The University of Tulsa.

I’ve stayed at TU since graduating, working my way up in the IT department where I currently hold the position of Senior Network Engineer. I like to dabble in many parts of IT, but I specialize in networking, systems infrastructure, and automation. I’m a fan of Linux and open source software, and I’m not afraid to build what I need if I can’t find a tool that meets my needs.

I’m also fascinated by AV technology. I have a keen interest in concert lighting, run sound at my church every week, and have spent over 14 years building and operating projection mapping systems for the TU theater department.

When I’m not glued to my computer, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son, and cats.

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