Setting up a DHCP Relay in NSX-T 3.0

In this tutorial I’m going to show you step by step how to use the DHCP relay function in NSX-T 3.0. We’ll be setting up a DHCP enabled segment that is assigned addresses by an external DHCP server. Setting up a DHCP relay profile The first step is to create a DHCP server profile toContinue reading “Setting up a DHCP Relay in NSX-T 3.0”

Mixing Live Audio From Home

Like so many other churches, mine decided to go all in on live streaming our services via Facebook Live during the COVID-19 lock downs. We usually stream audio only, and it’s a rough post-fader send from our front of house mixer due to a lack of resources available to do a dedicated broadcast mix. However,Continue reading “Mixing Live Audio From Home”